Hours Turned Into Days

We landed in Beijing for what was supposed to be a 2 hour lay-over. The region was hit with an unusually harsh snow storm–the worst they’ve had in over 5 decades–which trapped us in Beijing for 2 days. 3 degrees fahrenheit, and all Daniel and I had on us we’re t-shirts. It was a rough two days. I know I said I wanted to experience snow first-hand, but not like this.

Beijing Airport was one of the largest most modernly designed airports I’ve ever been too, but looks aren’t everything. The modern materials didn’t hold any of the heat indoors and the staff was poorly trained to handle international guests. They hardly provided any accommodations or even seemed to care for the many stranded passengers who were obviously suffering from the extreme weather.

This experience has scarred me, I don’t think I’ll be paying mainland China a visit anytime soon.

Creative Director