Dance, ThoughtsMatthew Encina

I dance because of you

Dance, ThoughtsMatthew Encina

I love dancing. "I'm a b-boy for life," so I guess that means a part of me will never grow up. It may sound a bit foolish that I've dedicated so many years to something, and have nothing to really show for it, but the experiences that I've had and the bonds I've made are invaluable. 

Nothing compares to the feeling of being one with the beat, hitting a freeze that you've been trying to master for weeks, and moving a crowd. As a dancer, as an artist, "you're never finished," cause as soon as you sleep, someone else is sweating, putting in work and getting better than you. You understand this as a dancer, knowing that it's a never ending battle, but you do it anyway. That's love.

I have the utmost respect for those who have made it their lives and have contributed to push the scene and keep it growing. I am so humbled to see generation after generation give so much–knowing that what we do is only valuable to us. I may not be the best, and I may never get there, but I keep dancing because of the people who keep it alive– my crew and the many people I have been blessed to meet on the dance floor. You all keep me inspired and give me a reason to keep on moving.

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